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October 18, 2018

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Where are they now?

October 11, 2018

I can't believe my little blog has been going for 18 months - I've loved meeting so many amazing people through it and sharing their stories with you.


I continue to follow and connect with people LONG after we've chatted, and I wanted to take the time to share with you guys what has been happening with some of your favourite people behind the blogs.


Here are updates from some of the people I caught up with in 2017 - I couldn't get around to everyone but I'm planning on another update - so let me know if there's anyone I've missed that you'd love to know more about.  I'm sure they'd be happy to share x 


[Clink the dates to re-read their full stories]



May 18 2017

Coby's story was the first on the blog, and touched a raw nerve with women everywhere who have suffered from PND but on the surface pretended everything was fine.

She has gone on to create a website and podcast, sharing real stories and coaching women to be happy and confident mums.



June 14 2017

Natalie shared her story about her gorgeous daughter Chiara and how, being the mum of a special needs child, had made her start a blog to help others in a similar situation.

Since then, she has been nominated for, and won, a string of awards, and been the keynote speaker for international events.  She also continues to witness Chiara's miracles, big and small.



July 27 2017

The Pretty Foundation was just starting out when we chatted, so it's not surprising that they have achieved a lot since.

They have released 'Charlie's Tales', a series of books that encourage positive body image for boys and girls, which have been a huge success.  Plus, they worked with Feather and Noise and a massive collaboration - the 'purpose' tee.  It was a massively successful campaign that helped bring even more expose to the foundation.



August 9 2011

Chon shared with us her long battle with infertility and the lengths she'd gone through to fall pregnant. Her story finished with the announcement that she was pregnant again, naturally, after many more failed attempts.  I'm so happy to share that she now has 2 beautiful girls, all is going well.



August 31 2017

Samar shared her journey about her struggle to find self love and accept her body, but wanted to change this to ensure her children were happy within their bodies.  2017 saw her go on a huge health kick, and she now loves how healthy she feels.

She is still blogging (on her new website) and has a Facebook group called "Mumlife Support Group".  Her website also has an online store, specifically for mums.



Oct 19 2017

Mila had further surgery in June of this year and had a plate and pins removed from her femur, she wasn't allowed to weight bare for 6 whole weeks (can you imagine - she's 3!).  She is being monitored for another 2 years, but will need more surgery if her bones don't grow as they should.

Daisy is due for review in November - they're nervous, but feel prepared to handle whatever the outcome may be.



Oct 26 2017

Whilst the story of 'Link and Luna' was under the heading of shopping, it was the story behind the brand that we wanted to share.  The brand was born after owner Laura, experienced the stillbirth of her son Link, and interwove his story into her brands.

Laura's store has grown, as has her blog, but most importantly? She now shares her world with her 8 month old boy, Finn.



Nov 2 2017

Laura's story was about her high risk pregnancy, given she also needed to have her stomach removed due to cancer.  

She was on a wait list to have a double mastectomy, but will have to reschedule because...she's pregnant again!

Whilst this baby was a MASSIVE surprise, she's looking forward to having an uncomplicated, low risk pregnancy.



Nov 16 2017

Given I had perinatal Anxiety and Depression during my last pregnancy, I was pretty nervous about how I'd cope mentally this time around.

Thankfully? There has been absolutely no stress this time, and I've really been able to enjoy this pregnancy, something I wasn't sure I'd be able to do again after losing a little one. 


Dec 7 2017

Our first anonymous blog - someone who now feels strong enough to share their name - Katie Brown.

Katie has had her IVO against her ex extended, as his behaviours didn't stop.  Their 3 children still see their dad, but pick up is via an agency, so she doesn't have to see him or be abused.

Since sharing her story, Katie has helped others obtain IVO's against abusive partners, and is going back to Uni next year to get a Masters in Social Work, to continue to assist others in a more formal way.





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