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My Obstetrician is a Legend

July 26, 2018

When I was 22, I had an abnormal pap smear, which led me to my local hospital for a further check and face to face (or vagina to face, as it happens), with Dr. Peter Roessler.


I was young and shit scared, which meant I went into my default mode of making inappropriate jokes.  After waiting for ages for my name to be called (public hospital, one obstetrician, which meant that pap smears were next in line after people giving birth), I told him that my vagina and I were bored.  He loved it, and I knew if I did eventually have kids, he'd be the man to go to.


13 years and a few pregnancies later, and the jokes and black humour continue to roll.  The formalities have dropped off too, with him going from Dr. Roessler, to Roessler, to Pete (and he even once referred to himself in my presence as 'P Diggity Dogg', but he's definitely not cool enough to use it on the daily...).

The formalities have in fact dropped so low, that Pete has even written me a letter to give to my husband (at my request), telling him that he will not damage the baby by having sex with me.   He thought my request was so funny that he printed it onto letter head and even sited an article.  Hubby was not impressed that that is what we'd spend the appointment doing, I thought it was one of the most hilarious things ever.


Aside from the fact that we clearly have the same sense of humour, other things that I love about Pete are the fact that he hates doing pap smears and will avoid them at all costs (hate to break it to him, but his profession is mainly about vaginas), he takes no shit and is a total control freak (super annoying at times).  At the end of the day though, he always has your back, and that's why I always tell him if I go into labour on a weekend he's not on call, I'll just have a home birth. 


Also?  He let me take this stupid picture of him, and pretended that he was angry about it.


In fact my love for Pete runs so deep, that it's become a running joke with my best friend (who also goes to him) that we only have babies so we can hang out with him.  It's kind of an expensive friendship to maintain, but probably (definitely) worth it.


So Pete, I'm calling it, you're an everyday legend.  And while I suspect your staff (and wife) might want to kill me for inflating your already massive ego, I thought you deserved it.



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