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Finding out baby's gender.

June 14, 2018

I have this envelope on my fridge, inside in our unborn baby’s sex.


It’s been sitting there for a month now, and even got lost under a stack of school notices at one point, but now? Now, it’s burning a hole in my brain, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

So, I did what any reasonable millennial would do, and I went to the internet to ask for advice.


I posted on the Facebook page for Seriously, and told people I wanted to be talked out of looking, because, deep down, I really don't think I want to know.  But, with the other kids, I’d never had an envelope, so there had never been the temptation.


I blame my hubby for putting me in this position, he is the one who wanted the stupid envelope in the first place.  He had also wanted to know with the others, but I told him we weren’t finding out and we never talked about it again.


This time? This time is more than likely our last baby, so I was happy to go along with his wishes, but I kinda thought he’d want to open it straight away and that would be it.


Band aid style.


Instead, I’m forced to go through the list of pros and cons (I’m a list maker from WAY back) and asked random people on the internet for help.  Which made me wonder if other people have these conundrums too, and if they did, would they like access to my well thought out list.


So, here it is –



  • Not only could we plan a baby name, but we would NOT have to have a long winded argument about the name of the opposite sex, because we wouldn’t need to worry.

  • We could prepare the kids for what their sibling would be (which may help, because Z has told us that a boy will be thrown in the bin).

  • Someone suggested that it helps with bonding with the baby, especially for the husband, which does actually sound lovely.

  • I wouldn’t wonder if my husband had secretly opened it and was in the know the whole pregnancy.

  • Someone suggested that it brought her and her husband closer together, as they had a little secret from the whole world that they could talk about.

  • The freaking envelope would be gone!



  • Once I know, I can’t unknow, and I’m worried I’ll regret it.

  • I can’t change it anyway, and the kids will get over it if it’s not their ‘preference’.  Plus, I honestly don’t have a preference (except for it having a not so large head, if possible).

  • I’m SHIT at keeping secrets, and I don’t have a poker face, so if I know, everyone will know.

  • I can tease people that I have an unopened envelope with my babies gender in it.

  • I wonder if it will take away from that moment at birth when you find out for the first time, I really loved that moment.

  • My sisters would want me to have a gender reveal party (no offence to anyone who is into them, they're just not my thing).

And, despite the list...I still don't know.


I'm glad I gave myself something to do to distract me from finding out that night, because from what everyone said, it should still be a special with you and your partner, just like birth is.


Yes, I know it's one of the 'true surprises' you get in life, but it will also be amazing to see what baby looks like at birth, and I don't think knowing their gender before hand will take away from that magic.


So...watch this space.


Either way, you'll all find out sooner or later...

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