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First Trimester, Worst Trimester.

May 17, 2018

Week 3 - denial

Why do I always take a pregnancy test early? Why?

Oh yeah, because I love a drinking session and I always seem to have them on.

This is serious.


3 kids.

What the hell were we thinking?


Week 4 – Rockin’ pregnancy

I am AWESOME at pregnancy!

Still going to the gym, taking my vitamins everyday.

Cannot figure out why my pregnant sister sold me her gym pass. 



Week 5 – Death

Shit, it’s all kicking in, I forgot about all of this.

I cannot get through the day without a nap, even after I’ve napped, I still feel tired.

Things that make me want to vomit – eating, not eating, talking to people, the way everything smells, lying down, walking around, typing this…

I look like death warmed up.


Week 6 – Food is the enemy

I can’t wear a bra anymore, not even a crop top. 

Why is there pressure on my diaphragm already?!

I wish I vomited instead of just feeling nauseas, I feel like it might bring some relief.  It would also show my husband how sick I feel, physically.

I can no longer be trusted to do the supermarket shopping.  The thought of 90% of the food makes me want to run away.  I don’t remember eating so little in my other pregnancies.  Even the thought of the flavouring on potato chips makes me sick.


Week 7 – I'm so old now

I feel every week of the difference between this pregnancy, and my first – 6 years ago. 

I cannot fathom how I ever managed to work through a first trimester, and how I bounced around at work until 37 weeks.

My mind and body are on two very different wave lengths. 

My mind has already started nesting and has visually thrown out 80% of the contents of our house, but my body can barely be bothered packing away the breakfast dishes. 

Also, my mind (and my mouth) are actually craving the most amazing foods, packed full of veggies and protein, but my body will only barely manage to order a pizza.

I’m at least glad that my appetite appears to be back.


Week 8 – Surely it's twins

I must’ve had a good day when I said my appetite is back, it’s not. 

Today I got the runs from eating vegemite toast.  I’ve never lost weight with any of my pregnancies, but I can’t keep anything in. 

I’m assuming it must be twins, or a ginger. 

Either way, it’s different.

I’m in that weird phase of needing to wear baggy clothes top and bottom – jeans don’t fit unless they’re undone, and tight tops give too much away (ok, to be honest, it looks like a big lunch, but it’s more than I’m willing to show at this point).


Week 9 – Going to piss myself

Finally I have a dating scan!


One issue.

I need to drink ONE WHOLE LITRE an hour before the appointment.

Oh, and not wee.


I’m not sure if they realise, but after 2 kids, my bladder struggles to hold one millilitre of water, let alone a whole litre.

I can not be held responsible if I wet myself.

(P.S  - it wasn’t twins.  No word yet if it’s a ginger).


Week 10 - Outta control boobs

My boobs can now be referred to as ‘jugs’ or ‘norgs’.

They are SO freaking full, but gladly I can still jam them into my B cup.

On the last clip.

With the straps really loose. 

They get pretty excited at the end of the day, when they get to break free.


Week 11 - So fat, much snot

So fat, and so hard to hide – but not long until we can ‘officially’ tell people.

Plus, it's getting cold, so big jumpers it is.

I’m so full of snot that I breath out of my mouth.

This means I officially look and sound like I haven’t been to the gym for a few months. 

Oh, and the gym.

They keep calling me, wondering where I am. 

I’m ignoring them.


Week 12 - Blood bath 

Blood nose - every day.

I think it's my bodies way of getting me of reminding me that, even thought I won't be getting my period for a while, it's still gonna find other ways to really fuck me up...


Pretty bloody happy that the first trimester is done and dusted!




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