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Everyday Legend - Cherie

May 3, 2018

Do you ever meet a personal and instantly just love them? 

As in, you don't just think they're great, but you legit want to be their best friend and you awkwardly tell everyone how great they are whenever you can?

Well....not even embarrassed to admit it, but that's totally how I feel about this legend, Cherie - AKA @myblackdogandmycamera AKA @thedigitalpicnic

I first met Cherie two years ago, when a friend and I - both about to launch our businesses - attended one of her workshops.


Now, blame my generation, or my brain, but I don't do well sitting down for long periods of time digesting stacks of information.  I'm the person who would sneak my phone into staff meetings, or go to the toilet half way through and take waaaay longer than needed.


But, the reason I totally fell in love with Cherie straight up?  Her brain.  The woman is a total wealth of knowledge and so bloody generous with sharing it (ok, we paid for her to share it, but it was WORTH IT and she hasn't stopped sharing since).  And she's not only smart, she was super engaging.  It was honestly like she catered her workshop to every individual in the room, yet it was full or people from very different businesses.  She just had (and still has) that beautiful combination or being smart with being arrogant, and informative without coming off as being a know it all. 




Fast forward a year.


We got chatting at a dinner one night - she was going through some personal stuff and I'd had some pretty huge stuff going on too.  After connecting on a business level for a year, it was nice to get to know more about each other.  She's the kind of person who just 'gets' people, so even though our chat was brief, it was super heartfelt.  She's also the person who listens with her whole body, so any chat you have with her becomes like this - business or personal.

Since then, I've followed along on her personal Instagram @myblackdogandmycamera - and if you know this account - you'll know that Cherie's past has definitely shaped the selfless, caring person she is today.  She talks openly about her family, her struggles with post natal depression, and the eternal search for balance. 


And yet, despite the obvious struggles of most parents, what sets her apart is how much she absolutely celebrates and champions her kids - constantly.  When they are older, they will be able to look back and see how much their mum genuinely adored them and enjoyed every aspects of who they are.


For me, Cherie is most definitely an everyday legend.  And, even though it's obvious what her strengths are, I still found it really hard to try and summarise her in a few paragraphs.  So instead of relying on my own words, I decided to ask some of the people who know her best, and see why they also think she amazing.


Here's what they said - 


"From the moment I met her she was genuinely interested in me, which I think is rare."


"Cherie radiates this incredible charismatic warmth, kindness, generosity, heart, creativity, empathy, care and intelligence." 


"Generosity personified and infused in kindness."


"She's a classic overachiever and personality that wants to help people." 


"She’s borderline genius when it comes to reading people."


"Cherie is that kind of person that, before you have even finished your sentence talking about something you need to get done or have a problem with, has already drafted a plan of attack and has probably shot off a text starting a plan of action." 


"I get star struck by her awesomeness regularly. We ALL want to be her best friend."


"She’s just legitimately a beautiful warm combination of kindness and encouragement that embraces you like a big hug!"


"She is the kind of person that actually cares about people and it's not just lip service."


"She is one of a kind."



So Cherie - you're not only my everyday legend, but the people around you clearly think the world of you too.


For a self confessed introverted geek, who loves nothing more than to hide behind your phone, you do a pretty bloody good job of radiating totally positivity and love to everyone you cross paths with.


Don't ever change x 





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