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October 18, 2018

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Everyday Legend - The chick from the Caravan Bar

April 5, 2018

The first time I met Kaitlin, I instantly liked her.


We met at birth classes at our local hospital, and bonded over the fact that her husband was lucky enough to miss one of the classes (held over 4 weeks).  We (my husband included) were all super jealous, he was kicking back at home while we were learning that you also have to birth your placenta.


Kaitlin had her baby before me, and the first time I saw her, she warned me that I would not leave the house for the first 6 weeks, I'd only be able to shower at night when my husband got home from work, and, I wouldn't be getting much sleep.


Being in Bendigo, we both seemed to run into each other from time to time, always stopping for a chat - so when she saw me out and about with a baby less than 6 weeks old, she was nothing but pumped for me.


Fast forward a to now, and I get to hang out with Kaitlin under the guise of business catch ups, which has meant finding out even more about this legend.


Some of my favourite things about this woman are the fact that she can not only back a trailer, but she can (obviously) back a whole caravan, with ease.  I also love that she's a total pocket rocket and get's around in one of the biggest cars on the market.  It looks totally unbalanced, but she owns it.


When she gets a chance to go out for dinner, she takes full advantage.  Last time we went out, she told her partner that he'd have to take over parenting duties of their 3 kids as soon as he got home, because it was an early dinner.  Kaitlin got there early, and enjoyed a drink and some quite time, before the rest of us arrived... an hour later.


But my favourite thing about this legend?


Despite the fact that she is clearly gorgeous, you will struggle to find ANY photos of her (trust me, I looked) - all of the profile pictures are her head cropped out of group photos.  For someone who is the face of their business, this just proves to me that Kaitlin is one of the my humble and down to earth people you could ever meet.


I think it's pretty obvious why she gets my vote for Everyday Legend.

To book The Caravan Bar, head to www.thecaravanbar.com/

And to see the occasional pic of Kaitlin, you can insta stalk her here


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