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March 22, 2018

As a mum, or better yet, as a person, I have those days when I feel totally…meh.


It’s a feeling that, over the years, I’ve come to understand a bit better.  Although sometimes, it still takes me by surprise. 


I feel the need to write about ‘meh’ days, because I feel like they’re something that so many people around me have, yet we always seem confused when we have them.


Ok – so what is a meh day?


If you’ve never had one, let me talk you through it.


In a nutshell, it’s a day when you don’t feel like doing anything, at all, even getting up.  It’s the day when there will be no cooking – everyone will eat takeaway or cereal or toast – there will be nothing that requires effort.  It's the day your kids will be allowed to watch back to back movies, play on the iPad or with your phone, because meh is very tiring.  It is the day you will cry over an ad on tv, nothing in your wardrobe will fit right and you’ll wonder if you have any ‘real’ friends.  It is the day you will finally use your kids as an excuse to not catch up with people, because, honestly….meh.


Get it?


Don’t get me wrong though, meh days are not all bad (especially for your kids, who will love that they get McDonalds AND free run of Netflix), but they can leave us with this uneasy feeling that we’re missing something.


What is wrong with me? I was fine yesterday.  And I getting my period?


My advice? Take a meh day for what it is – a day to slow down, take stock and recharge.  We all need those days in any way, shape or form we can get them, so just take it easy.  Do what you need to do, take the day off (as much as you can), and just…chill.  After all, it’s only one day.


But? If that pesky little meh keeps turning up day after day, you may need to get up and kick its arse.  Go for a walk, catch up with friends (yes they like you, yes you'll have fun), read your favourite book or magazine, put down your phone.  Do what you can to get rid of your meh – you might have to force yourself, but the more you let him set in – the harder he can be to shake.


Can’t shake your meh? Doesn’t seem to be a reason for it but it’s stretching out for days?  This is when you need to start listening to your meh, and talk to someone about it.  Have a chat with a friend, someone from your family, your GP – anyone. 


Because while a meh day can be a good chance to have a day off, eat what you want and just chill - multiple meh days are warning signs.

Have meh days a little too often? Here's some suggestions for you - 


Chat with your GP! Have a crap one? Time to move on.

Check out a wellness coach such as https://www.rebeccahawker.com.au/

Make a list of things that make you happy (or use to), and commit to doing one a day

Call Parentline - 132289 - it's not 24 hours, but it is 8am to midnight, 7 days.


I know it can be hard to do these things when you're in the thick of feeling meh, but no one wants to feel like that forever, so look after yourself and try to shake it xx

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