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March 1, 2018

I’m an over sharer, I will happily tell a complete stranger my whole life story and include ALL of the details.  Yes your vagina will look gross while you're pregnant, yes I did think my newborn babies looked like deformed potatoes, no I didn't love being a mum straight away.

My husband, however, is not a sharer.  I hate to generalise, but he’s a ‘typical bloke’.  He doesn’t see the need to tell anyone (including me, sometimes), his thoughts and feelings.


So, when one of my goals for the year was to write more blogs, I thought it would be super easy.  I’ve got more time now with Z at school and Fat Man at Day Care one day a week, and I find writing really easy and enjoyable. 


Plus I love how sharing stories brings people together.


But, last week, I wrote a blog that was pretty personal, and about some stuff that is happening for us right now.  I then emailed it to my husband to check over.




Which, I suppose, deep down, I knew would happen.  I never share my blogs with him before I post them, they just go up and he's never said anything, but I knew this one was different.  


For one, it wasn't written retrospectively, like my other more personal pieces, and it probably shared some feelings I hadn't even properly been able to tell him, which isn't really fair.


Some friends suggested that I could edit it up, or just post it anyway, but I think it's ok that some of these pieces never see the light of day.  While I know that people out there would have been able to relate, and it might have helped them if they're in a similar situation, it was also really helpful for me to just write some stuff down.  And I'd say that's a win.


So, whilst I would absolutely love to share with you guys the ins and outs and all of the nitty gritty, I really have to have a level of respect for who else it impacts.  At the end of the day, my marriage is probably a teensy bit more important than my business, so I need to take that into consideration with everything I write.


Does this mean that I won’t be writing anymore?  Hells no! I love it too much to not.  But, it does mean that some of the more personal things I write about, will be written retrospectively.  And for the not so personal things, as long as they’re not breaching the new code, I’m all yours!


Plus – there are so many bloody fabulous women out there who have stories to share, and I love bringing you those – so I feel like you’ll forgive me if I keep on serving up these amazing stories and people to you every week.


Thanks as always for reading, and even bigger thanks for being part of the Seriously Tribe.

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