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October 18, 2018

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Because sleep deprivation sucks

One of the hardest things to adjust to as a new parent, is sleep deprivation.

It is easier for some parents than others, and some babies are much better sleepers,

but what do you do if you're struggling with sleep?

I chatted with the lovely Lauren from Sleep and Nurture about what she does,

and how she can help every family who wants more sleep.

What do  you do to help parents if they’re having sleep issues?


I get results by taking an overall look at everything surrounding a child’s sleep. From sleep associations, sleep environment, eating and physical activity, along with going over your child’s routine and my settling method. 

It is all about getting that balance just right. Too often we are walking around shattered, barely a shell of ourselves, due to our children’s lack of sleep. I am delighted to resolve issues for families who have struggled with sleep for weeks, months and sometimes even years.


What is a ‘typical’ job for you?


I do my best to cater to every family as each family is so incredibly different. We all have our own parenting journey. 

What is one of the hardest ‘cases’ you’ve ever done?


I have successfully helped the families that have ‘failed sleep school’, the 3-year old that is breastfeeding all throughout the night, or the Mum (or sometimes Dad) that is really struggling with post-natal depression. I am really a big believer of 'if it isn’t an issue for your family, it really isn’t an issue at all'. I help families who are ready to move on from their current sleep habits that are no longer working for them. I don’t believe in bad sleep habits.



Do you do in home consultations or just online/phone?


I have a range of services to suit each individual family. From 2-3-night sleep guidance or 2-3 hours.


For the families that are not in Sydney, I have a Skype Sleep Consultation. In saying that, I have Skyped with families that are just up the road. This is because it is the most inexpensive option.


With each of my services, I provide unlimited emails for 3 weeks. Often this is where we find the magic happens. We start to see those small successes and those 11- 12-hour sleep throughs begin.


Is there much demand for someone in your role?


Yes! It takes a village to raise a child. We all seem to outsource these days and we all definitely need sleep.

Has there ever been a family you didn’t feel you could help?


I will go to great lengths to achieve your sleep goals. I have certainly felt daunted by some cases, but we get there. I am always there for my clients, if and when they have further sleep questions, and the secret to my success is constant communication with my families. I love hearing from my previous families, especially the ones that have written amazing testimonials of how their child’s sleep has turned around. 


What type of commitment does a family need to have once you’ve worked with them?


It really does come down to consistency, persistence, and calm. It will take anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks to see those sleepy results. For some families, it only takes days, and others weeks.

To get in contact with Lauren about any sleep issues you are having,

hit her up here - 


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