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REAL, RAW #mumlife

November 9, 2017

I love me a good old honest Instagram mum!

Maddi (and her uber hot husband Lloyd) became household names after working on the reality TV show 'House Rules' - they were the tanned, gorgeous, kid free lovers.

Fast forward to now, throw a couple of kids in the mix, and life has changed dramatically!

I caught up with Maddi to get the behind the scenes goss.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family –

In a nutshell, I’m Maddi Wright, mum of 2 cheeky boys and wifey to my stunner husband, Lloyd. Three years ago Lloyd and I became household names when we represented Queensland in Channel 7’s House Rules TV show. It was a whirlwind and a big chunky memory that we will have with us forever.


Since that experience we have been married, started a business, had two kids, sold a house, built a house and moved towns. Now, by morning I am a Breakfast radio announcer for @triplemcairns and any other time of the day/night I’m a mum. I’d love to say my life is super exciting and extravagant, but it isn’t. Most of my day consists of wiping bums, noses, and tears. 


I love how honest your account is about parenting, was that a conscious choice or something that just comes naturally?

All of my posts are created in the moment they are happening – most of them contain me in my pjs.  I have labelled what I do as ‘REAL,RAW #MUMLIFE’.  My posts are honest, usually about my frustrations and struggles in parenthood.  I am flawed by the amount off supportive messages I get on a daily basis from woman who have connected and can relate with my experiences – it makes me feel very humbled that others share what I do.


What was harder, House Rules or parenting?

I just laughed out loud. Parenting. Well, birth and then parenting.

On House Rules we averaged about 3 hours sleep a night for 6 months.  It was physically and mentally gruelling. But parenthood sh*ts all over that.  I once read that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture in war – now I know why it is a very effective form of torture.  Hats off to single parents.


Given how open you are, what is one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

My very first job was in a Bakery and I was paid in pies.  I was 14 years old and thought that was the bomb-digity.


Before you become a mum, what was the one thing you swore you’d never do (but probably have)?

I swore I would never let my kids watch a lot of TV.  Carter, my eldest, is 2 years old and I was so proud of him this week when he sat through most of Moana so I could get the house work done - #parentinggoals.


Any good mum hacks? Especially any for parents who have lots of solo time due to their partners work commitments!

-ABC Kids Iview app downloaded on every mobile device in the house.

-Call every food Bacon.

-Big Fit Ball to sit on and rock bub to sleep.

-DIY baby wipes: paper towel, hot water, coconut oil and baby shower gel.


Relive your hardest or most embarrassing parenting moment. Excruciating detail is best ;)

I have hard moments every day. The hardest moments are when hubby does night shift and I have both boys to put to sleep by myself. There is no formula and as much as we have a loose routine, the kids are human and it doesn’t always (ever) go to plan.  Trying to get both boys to sleep is a massive juggling act and usually ends with one of us in tears (usually me).


What do you get mum guilt about?

EVERYTHING.  One of the biggest things I get mum guilt about is going to the gym. Before kids I was a gym junkie, training 5 days or more a week because I absolutely love it. Since kids, I train MAYBE once a week if the mum-guilt allows me too.


What is your guilty pleasure?

A glass of wine and half a block of chocolate EVERY night.


Finally, If you could have a custom made milestone card, what would it say?



Quick ones –

Coffee order – cappuccino, 1 sugar

Netflix binge – House of Cards

Red or white wine – White

Celebrity crush – Tom Hardy

Fav IG account – @nickykrissart

Fav kid – (ha!) haha Carter…there’s something about your first born that a mum can’t explain


You can find out more about Maddi by following her on Instagram here.

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