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Dads Vs. Mums

I've interviewed a few mums, so I thought it was time to get a bit of balance is this blog and get a dad involved too - meet Daddy and Mother Freckle.  

One has to go to work and bear the brunt when they get home, the other is up all night and at it all day, so does one have it easier or is it just bloody hard on everyone?

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Mother Freckle: Empowering, Supportive, Loving

Daddy Freckle: Enthusiastic, Funny, Grumpy


What is one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

M: That I don’t drink alcohol. At all! I stopped over 4 years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with Flo (my first child). This was 2 days after new years eve, where I couldn’t stomach a second drink. I knew something was wrong!

D: I have a degree in Law and Masters in Psychology. I liked the idea of being a lawyer until I actually started working in a law firm. Being stuck behind a desk was not for me, so I had a change and now work in Psychology.


Who do you think has it harder when it comes to parenting – mums or dads?

M: Mums! Sorry dads, but I have to say that mums have so much pressure to do everything at 100% and in reality no one can do that. Especially in recent times, we are expected to be full time mums, still hold down a job, ‘bounce back’ to our pre pregnancy bodies (almost as if pregnancy didn’t happen) and it’s so unrealistic! Then we have to balance the whole going back to work whilst still not feeling like a terrible mother who is abandoning her children! Mum guilt is the worst! Dads are pretty amazing, and I can’t complain but Mums I’ve got your back.

D: I feel I am being set up with this one. Can I say dads without a backlash? I am going to go down the line, sit on the fence. Mums do amazing, unquestionably fantastic things. The pressures on them are relentless. However dads are also under a lot of pressure. Going back to work so soon after you have become a father is very difficult. Every ounce of you wants to stay and be at home but unless you can get the time off and afford it, it’s not really an option. Then you have the guilt of not being around as much as would you like, not only for your kids but also your partner. I think both mums and dads have it hard and it’s important that we appreciate the pressures each feel.


Before you become a parent, what was the one thing you swore you’d never do (but probably have)?

M: Shout at my children. I’m not proud to say that, but it’s the reality that every parent becomes that shouty parent at some stage. Often followed by massive pangs of mum guilt later on as you pine for a cuddle whilst they sleep!

D: Swear. Not at my children, although that can be hard at times, especially if they are being little hooligans, but in general, in their presence. I am a bugger for it. They just slip out. Florence had an allergic reaction and in my mad panic the old F-Word slipped out. Luckily Flo thought I said flumping so when she repeated it numerous times later in the presence of others it wasn’t too bad. She now thinks flumping is a bad word though.


I love to do karaoke, what’s the song that is guaranteed to get you up and dancing?

M: The Killers, Mr Brightside. I must admit I am a bit of an Indie girl at heart.

D: Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang. I play it all the time and have taught Flo a little dance we do together.


Best parenting hack?

M: Putting the clean nappy underneath the baby’s bum before opening the one they have on. That way you never get caught out in a peeing everywhere situation!

D: Pretending anything they don’t like or may not like (vegetables) is only for adults. Then when they ask for it and you say ‘Ok’, it becomes a little treat. Get them eating those greens no problems.


Relive your hardest or most embarrassing parenting moment. Excruciating detail is best...

M: When I was heavily pregnant with Edie, I was out shopping with Florence. Whilst standing at the elevator (with another 5 or 6 people) I could feel that my milk was about to let down. Anyone who has breastfed before will completely understand that feeling that I am talking about! Thinking that I could get away with just sneaking into the elevator without anyone noticing by holding my cardigan over myself, we crammed in. As soon a the doors shut, Flo turned to me and said (in the absolute silent elavtor) “Mummy, why are your boobies leaking?”. Oh my gosh, that was the longest 30 seconds of my life!

D: When Flo was about 2 I took her swimming in our local pool. It was particularly busy but all swimmers were happily minding their own business. One of these was a larger lady and after doing a number of lengths she had had enough and exited the pool. As she ascended the pool stairs, Flo asked ‘Why has that lady got a big fat bum?’. I did not respond, thought it best I pretend it didn’t happen and hope nobody heard. Unfortunately Flo asked me again, this time a little louder and definitely loud enough for a few pool attendees to hear. Again I ignored. Clearly unhappy at being ignored, Flo then shouted, at the top of her little lungs, ‘Daddy, why has that lady got a big fat bum’. Everyone heard. At this point I just sank below the surface and hid.

 What is your guilty pleasure?

M: A programme called The real housewives of Cheshire. That and Catfish the programme.

D: I am going to have to go with The Real Housewives of Cheshire as well.


If you could have a custom made milestone card, what would it say?

M: Today I breastfed in front of my father in law!

D: Today I went to work with baby poo on my shirt.


And finally, who is your celebrity ‘leave pass’? ;)    

M: Tom Hardy. If you’re not with me on that one then you are blind!

D: Emily Blunt. That girl can act and seems up for a laugh.

Mummy and Daddy Freckle both starting blogging so they could share their experiences of parenting with others, because they both know it's bloody hard work at times!

To read more, or connect with them, hit them up here:


Mother Freckle:

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Email


Daddy Freckle:

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Email




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