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It may seem weird to promote another baby brand on the blog, but, I seriously LOVE Kippins!  Like most of you, I initially fell in love with the comforters (River is still my go-to) -  but the brand has now expanded to include wraps, teethers and much more. 

For me, the ace designs, crossed with organic materials, make them perfect.

I also adore Heather, head Kippin and all round super business woman, so I asked her to give me the low down on this magical brand. 

Where did the idea of Kippins come from?


I was on maternity leave and was looking for a comforter for my son that ticked all the boxes – cool, sustainable, organic and with a story behind it. There was nothing on the market! I come from the marketing and advertising world, so I knew a good gap in the market when I saw one. I am a writer by trade and so I had this story in my head of these characters who live in a magical world in the moments just before you fall asleep, and Kippins was born! The name Kippins comes from something my Mum used to say “You’ll feel better after a kip” (the slang word for sleep). And it’s so true!


Why was it important for you to go organic?


I didn’t actually intend to have a sustainable label. Before I started manufacturing I loved a good cheap, fast fashion buy. My purchases were all design driven, I didn’t really understand that there is a back story to everything we buy. But as I started to learn more about production processes, and came to understand just how many chemicals and processes something goes through to look and feel a certain way, the idea of creating something that baby is SO involved with (chewing, hugging, sleeping next to it) and not making it organic just wasn’t an option! Fast forward three years, it is amazing now that so many sustainable brands are design driven, and that the organic ‘thing’ is just the icing on the cake! I feel like you used to be able to pick an ‘organic’ brand from a mile away, and now it’s the design that’s catching you first. That’s the power of a more eco-conscious customer in action.


It must be like picking a favourite child, but do you have a favourite character?


Hmmmm this is so hard. I pick my favourite child of the day based on how annoying they are during breakfast. And this morning all the Kippins were annoying except Wolfie. So he’s my fave today.


Do your own kids help in creating the characters?


Well my youngest is nearly three and he would just make all of the Dash or Wolfie Kippin if he could, he’s obsessed. My eldest who is nearly 5 helped me name Wolfie, he was going to be called something a bit meta so I’m glad he contributed there. They do have opinions about colours and patterns and I definitely show them the products before we go into production to get their take. 


You guys have recently bought out beanies and have play mats coming out too! What’s next for Kippins?


Yes! Our KippinTales book is in production as we speak and will be released in August. That’s a biggie for me, I actually cried when the sample arrived! It’s what will tie everything together, you’ll have a complete nighttime ritual with all of your favourite Kippiny things from story time to things that help baby get to sleep and stay there. Moving forward, our aim is to continue to develop our characters with content and products based around moments in your day. So you’re not just buying things, but living an entire magical story with your babies that encourages imagination, empathy and teaches them to love the planet. It’s BIG, our story is just beginning.

To shop Kippins and explore the magical land of Kippi - head here:

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