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The (second) funniest dad I know.

September 7, 2017

I was on a search to show that dads could use my milestone cards, so I thought long and hard about who the funniest dad was I knew - clearly Hamish Blake.

Unfortunately he's a bit busy, so second on the list was Dale Vine, who I knew from way back when, and who is definitely known from his time on 'The Block' as a dead set legend who is always up for a laugh!

Not only did I make him use my cards on his kids, I made him fill this out for me too - enjoy!


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Husband, Father, Happy


What is one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I went to a Billy Ray Cyrus concert when I was young and I'd go again.


Best thing to come from being on The Block? Worst?

Fame.  Fame.


Before you become a dad, what was the one thing you swore you’d never do (but probably have)?

Bad dad jokes.


I love to do karaoke, what’s the song that is guaranteed to get you up and dancing?

Slice of Heaven-Dave Dobbyn.


Best dad hack?

Always carry snacks.


Relive your hardest or most embarrassing parenting moment. Excruciating detail is best ;)

I'm very hard to embarrass, as everything our boys do that's crazy I love. There have been challenging moments such as Van telling me to sing 'Frozen' songs at the supermarket register. Now daddy sing 'Let it go'... I just pre-warn other customers that shits about to get real! 


What is your guilty pleasure?

Fruit and nut Cadbury chocolate, I love that flavour even more as Sophie doesn't eat it.


People seem to think you’ve lost out if you have 2 kids of the one sex, any good comebacks for people to say ‘you’ll have to try for a girl’?

An old man once told me fathering two boys is easy as you've only got two dicks to worry about, but when fathering girls you've got thousands.... 


If you could have a custom made milestone card, what would it say?

"I tried to help while my nappy was being changed!" (The picture wouldn't be pretty, but their definitely be something for the card to stick to...💩)


And finally, if you are a celebrity (that means you), are you still entitled to a celebrity leave pass? If so, who? 

Oh Definitely! Mine was funnily enough picked in discussion with my wife Soph, and she agreed I could still bang Emma Stone if I got the chance. I think it's so her and Soph could laugh about it together afterwards and still be friends (What's to laugh about?).


To find out more about Viney, check him out on Instagram,

and make sure you pay special attention to #hisutterlyridiculoushashtags.

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