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June 6, 2017

Amy is the mum of two girls, a drinker of wine, and hater of vegetables.

I made her write a blog piece for me, because I'm bossy like that - lucky she's been part of the Seriously Tribe since day one and has a soft spot for me.

My name’s Amy, and I’m kind of a shit Mum.


You know the sort. I’m the Mum that dislocated my daughter’s elbow (one, two, three, weeeeeee, pop!) and didn’t take her to the hospital for a couple of hours because I thought she was just whinging about what was for dinner that night. I’m the Mum you pass at the mall with the three year old having a melt down on the floor because I wouldn’t let her get Yogurtland straight after having a babychino with two marshmallows. I’m the Mum that says there’s no chocolate left in the house and then gets out her stash after the kids have gone to bed to enjoy in peace.


We all know this Mum. In fact, I bet a lot of you might (behind closed doors) admit to being this Mum. But openly? To the masses? That’s a lot harder to do.


We live in a world that we are all trying to figure out with social media taking over. Tiny pictures of perfect nurseries, kids in couture, flatlays we can only dream of creating filling our feeds. All day, every day. It’s exhausting. But I get it. People - myself included, just want to show the world the best of what we have to offer. But that doesn’t mean that real life looks this way. Mine certainly doesn’t! Trust me.


The best memories from my own childhood are things like doing a somersault off of a friend’s trampoline (remember when they didn’t have nets surrounding them? Gasp!) straight onto her gravel driveway. Still got the scar from that one. There was the time when I was riding a horse and it took off down the road with me clinging to it for dear life. Or when I bribed my sister into telling me what I was getting for my birthday (the awesome Operation board game) and then immediately regretted my decision, so I dobbed on her and got her in trouble for telling me. There were lots of tears for that one. These are my happy memories. None of these would be considered perfect moments in my Mum’s eyes I’m sure. But they are my perfect moments.


So you know what I’m going to do? Celebrate the “Kinda Shit Mums” out there. Yes, I’ve given us a name. Long live the #kindashitmum. Because perfect is boring. Perfect is exhausting. Perfect is impossible. Celebrate the everyday moments. The tears, the broken bones, the crayon on the walls. Laugh at the tantrums, the swear words coming out of little mouths, the dog food that became toddler food. We are helping to make memories that will make our kids look back and laugh. Moments that will become great stories over bottles of wine in years to come. Kinda shit all of a sudden seems pretty bloody good to me.


Amy x

To watch Amy sing in her car, be bored at her office job and dress her kids in awesome brands, look no further -

Instagram - @thejadedmonkey

Email – hellojadedmonkey@gmail.com

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