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Happy Hands Happy Heart Play Dough

June 1, 2017


My ultimate go-to present for toddlers? Play Dough.  Always.  

So you can imagine how excited I was, a few years ago, when one of my

good friends decided to start making it.

Not only does she make it, she makes the best, so you need to check her out.


The quick bits: 


-The Play Dough is all 100% Natural.

-It's packaged in the cutest environmentally friendly glass jars.

-It is all made, by hand, in Bendigo.

-Each month $1 from every jar sold goes towards charity.

-And, if you return your jar, you get $1 off your next purchase!



Let's get deeper:


Em Clohesy started her business out of a need to be working with her hands, as she had always been a creative person.  But, like many mums, was finding it hard to find the time to be creative with three little ones on her hands.


When she decided to start making play dough, one of the most important things to her was that it was completely natural (I've sometimes asked her to make one with glitter, she won't have a bar of it!).  Secondly, she wanted to choose flavors and scents that promoted a sense of calm and wellbeing, so each flavour was picked for its ability to positively change your mood and also enhance your health.


Since the humble beginnings, just a few different flavours being sold at a local market, Em has worked tirelessly to grow Happy Hands Happy Heart into what it is today - a selection of 11 beautiful creations that are stocked in stores around Australia.  Special mention goes to the latest addition to the family - an all natural blue play dough - an especially tough cookie to crack for Em.


Not only has Em been working on creating her own play dough, but she has also teamed up with other creatives to help bring their visions to life.  


This includes a collaboration with Sophie Vine for her "Vines of the Wild" store, which included creating some exclusive flavours.  And more recently, working with Sunday the Label to create Gluten Free play dough, inspired by the maker's daughter Ivy who is a Coeliac and can't play with regular play dough.


And the icing on the cake of all of this play dough greatness?  


Hands down the best Instagram feed around.  


Em creates all of the images on her feed using nothing but her product, and as the range has grown, the creations have become even more detailed.


I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Happy Hands Happy Heart*.


*If you're on Instagram, you NEED to check out Insta Stories - there is an epic Lip Sync Battle currently going on between this legend and myself.  The battle goes until the 9th of June when the winner will be crowned.



Need to get your hands on some right now? Here is all you need to know:

Website - happyhandshappyheart.com.au

Email - hello@happyhandshappyheart.com.au

Instagram - @happyhandshappyheart

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