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Kim from Captain and Co.

May 24, 2017


If ever there was a lady who supported and promoted small business like no other, the award has to go to the gorgeous Kim from Captain and Co.

From the very beginning of my business journey, she has been there on the sidelines, cheering me along and offering her support in any way she can - so it seemed only fitting that I chatted with her for the first of my "Seriously Stalker" series. A series were I get up close and personal with some of your insta favourites.

Oh, and her husband is hot, uber hot, so I wanted to get in her good books. 

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Honest. Loyal. Shit-balls-shy.


What is one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?
I am extremely insecure.

Major body confidence issues.

It's taken me years to post full body clothed shots on my social media. 

I really reaaally don't like how I look.

Some days. I struggle to leave the house because I don't like how I look.

It's so silly.

And I am really trying to work on it so I don't show that side of myself to my girls.

Or even worse.

Pass on my insecurities to them.

I would never forgive myself. 

Before you become a mum, what was the one thing you swore you’d never do

(but probably have)?

Lick a tissue and wipe something off their face.

I totally hated when my mum did that.

Oh. And sniff bums.

Even when I am 99% sure there is a stinker in that nappy.

I still go in for a nose-to-nappy sniff.

Recoiling in horror with a face like a dropped pie shouting 'PHHWWWOOOAR I shouldn't have got so close ewwww'.

Every. Single. Time.


I love to do karaoke, what’s the song that is guaranteed to get you up and dancing?
I don't dance in public.

Unless I have a few wine-spritzers in me.

Quite a few.

But my Elaine dancing always gets fired up at home when cheesy dance pop music comes on.

Yup. I am a fan.

At the moment. Mini Frey and I like to have dance offs to 'Me Too' Meghan Trainor. 'Sexual' Neiked. And. 'Harlem Shake' Baauer.

Relive your hardest or most embarrassing parenting moment. Excruciating detail is best ;)

To be honest.

Flights with Mini when she was little.

It was like hell.

She would scream even before we got onto the plane.

Then the whole plane ride.

All the way out the airport.

And Bill and I would get all up in each others grills.

Tense terse words and looks at each other. 


I would also get all snippy at passengers who would stare at us.

And nearly tear the heads of young flight attendants who obviously didn't have children who kept offering us colouring-in-books and telling us to put her seat belt on.


You try strapping a screaming squirming exorcist child onto your lap.

And FYI.


Would this 'seat-belt' save her if we did crash into the ocean.

Probably not.


Then I would overheat.

Start sweating. Cry.

With Mini. I was always exhausted when we got off.

And never wanted to fly again.

But we did. Again. And again.


Not our proudest moments.

Apologies to anyone who was ever on a flight with us for those two years.

Now Mini is fine. And Frey isn't. Ha. 


You once gave up chocolate for a month, what was harder – that or childbirth?

Both were oh-so tough.

Chocolate for no month nearly broke me.


Childbirth was tougher.

It was long. And painful.

Probably not as long or painful as others.

But it was tough. 

Most people know I had pre-eclampsia both times.


When I had Freya.

I almost had a stroke.

It was really touch and go for me.

Seizures. Fits.

Plenty of drugs pumped into me to protect my organs from shutting down.

And then I wasn't allowed out of bed for the next few days. Even to pick her up.


I have permanent Kidney damage.

Which we have to keep an eye on just in case it gets worse and I need a new one. 

What is your guilty pleasure?


I can. Not. Say. No.

I am part German.

And the town Lubeck is my idea of heaven.

If you could have a custom made milestone card, what would it say?
Heck Balls.

It would describe about fifty things in my day everyday.

And finally, who is your celebrity ‘leave pass’? ;)



I have more crushes on female celebrities than males.

Mostly because I want to be them. Single White Female style.



If I had a chance to have a 'wine spritzer or two' with a celebrity... I would have to go with Chris Hemsworth.

Something about his voice.

His down-to-earth-ness.

And yes.

He is pretty easy on the eye.

Plus. I love to support 'local'.


For more info on Kim, or to stalk her uber hot husband

(true story, he's my new leave pass), check her out here:




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