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Girl Crushing on Ina from Sneakers and Soul.

June 21, 2017


You know those people that just ooze coolness?

Their style, their hair, even (or especially) their instagram feed? 

For me, that person is Ina - AKA Sneakers and Soul.

This woman just owns it, everything she does, but without the attitude.  

She is just, effortless. And I couldn't wait to find out a bit more about her.


Describe yourself in 3 words -

Dreamer. Creative. Impatient. 


What is one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I always find this a hard one, my life is an open book. I am only child. But if you know me even a little bit, that's pretty obvious.


Before you become a mum, what was the one thing you swore you’d never do (but probably have)?

Have kids? LOL.

Maybe plan my life logistically around my child. And yet for the past 2 years, my life has been dictated exclusively by Luka's sleep! 


I love to do karaoke, what’s the song that is guaranteed to get you up and dancing?

Ooooh, up and dancing, definitely Pony by Ginuwine, hahaha! Maybe not karaoke though.



Best mum hack?

Ziplock bags ... for everrrryyythang.  Food, drinks, freezing, nappies, creams, wet/dirty clothes etc etc.


Relive your hardest or most embarrassing parenting moment. Excruciating detail is best ;)

Hmmm ... when Luka was about 5-months old he rolled of our King Bed during a day nap and fell onto the floorboards, I nearly freakin' died. Toddler Life itself brings daily challenges!


What is your guilty pleasure?

Wine, Nutella, Ice-cream, Coffee (too much), Sour Cream and Mayonnaise, the good stuff.

I'm sorry, did you just want one?


If you could have a custom made milestone card, what would it say?

Today, I learnt how to say Bomb Diggity (one of my proudest parenting moments).


“You are so bloody fashionable, what is your ultimate ‘go to’ outfit for wrangling toddlers?”

You are too kind. Probably jeans, preferably drop-crotch, tee or sweat and sneakers or slides. Luxe basics all the way.


“How often do you get asked ‘when are you having another one’? – does it annoy you or do you have an ace come back?” 

I actually very rarely get asked this. I think it's because most people who I know, already know my position on this. Being an only child, we were always like, we just want to have one and then we'll see how that goes. That said, I never get asked any of those weird questions Mum's complain about??! I'm not sure why!


And finally, who is your celebrity ‘leave pass’?

Male or female?! LOL.

I'd have to say Tom Hardy. Think like in 'Warrior'. I have a thing for shoot-to-kill types.

-The important stuff – 

Website – www.sneakersandsoul.com.au

Contact - ina@sneakersandsoul.com.au

Instagram - www.instagram.com/sneakersandsoul


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