It's a question that gets thrown around a lot, but we want you to take the time to check in with your tribe, and find out for sure.


Motherhood can be isolating, and sometimes we can feel like we're drowning in our to-do lists, but it's important for us to try and recognise that our mental health needs to be a priority.  If you are worried about someone, use this card to reach out to them and let them know.


These cards were created with the help of brilliant illustrator Beck Feiner - we've decided to sell them for only $2 so we can help spread the word about the importance of checking in with those around you - especially in the lead up to official R U OK? Day on the 12th of September.


A percentage of sales will go towards the R U OK? team, to help them continue the amazing work they do.


Print: Designed by Beck Feiner

Paper: 100% recycled stock

Size: A7 mini card

Inside: Left blank for your message

Availability: Only 100 printed

R U OK? Mini greeting card.