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You might have a questions that's already been asked before, so check out our frequently asked questions below.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Milestone Card?

It’s just a card that celebrates different moments in people’s lives – in our case, ‘real’ parenting moments.

What do I do with it?

You use it as a photo prop to help you remember certain milestones – once you’ve taken a photo pop it on social media using #seriouslymilestones – or keep it in your photo album if you actually own one.


So I get 20 in a pack? Can I choose which 20?

Yes there are 20 cards in each pack, but they are a set 20 cards in each set.  To find out what they actual cards say, check out each pack in the shop.


So I can’t buy individual cards?

Not with the Milestone cards, but we've got equally funny Greeting cards that you can buy individually.       


And you’ll ship it to me for free?

If you live in Australia, yes!


What if I don’t live in Australia?

We ship worldwide! There is just a flat rate of $20 to get it to you, but it will be tracked.


I want this sent as a gift, is that ok?

Definitely! And aren’t you a legend for sending such an awesome gift.


Will you include the receipt if I get it sent as a gift?

No, I don’t even include a receipt if it’s not sent as a gift.  I figure you get a billion emails from my store and paypal so I’ll try and save a tree or two.


Will my order be tracked?

It will be if you include tracking, just select this when you’re checking out. 


Can you send it express?

For sure – you'll just have to email me though.  I use to have it as a standard option before I had 3 kids, but now I never know if I'll be able to get my arse down to the post office the next day to get your order out, so I've taken it off the website for now.


Are your cards good quality?

They are made from 400gsm stock, which, in paper terms, is really bloody thick.  They’re also coated so you can give them a wipe over if they get poo or vomit on them.


I don’t trust you, I want to check out a pack before I buy one, where can I do that?

That’s rude, but I understand.  You can check out our list of stockists here.


There isn’t a stockist in my area? Why not?

You must be living in a remote village without social media or there is just a total lack of awesomeness in your town…don’t despair though! Feel free to email me to suggest a place you would like to see our cards stocked and I’ll look into it.


Ok, I think you’ve answered all my questions, thanks for that.

My pleasure! If there are some questions I haven’t answered, or you just want to email me to chat about how hot James Franco is, feel free to hit me up on